What is Heejy?

Heejy is a complex equipment designed for diagnosing and helping in troubleshooting network problems.

What does Heejy consist of? 

The complex consists of three parts: 

  1. Heejy Client 
  2. Heejy Server 
  3. ChatHeejy (software) 

Heejy Client - device that is located in one place with network equipment. Diagnoses and monitors network equipment. Also checks access to the nearest equipment. 

Heejy Server - device that is located in the same place as the Call Center and Technical Support (NOC). Receives information about the equipment from Heejy Client `s, sends them commands and new configs. Sends the received information to the Call-center and Technical Support (NOC).

ChatHeejy - software that is used by the Call Center and Technical Support (NOC) to interact with Heejy Client`s (sending commands, getting information about the status of the equipment). ChatHeejy makes it easy to work with Heejy complex. Thus, people without special training will be able to interact with the complex and monitor network equipment. 

Functions and capabilities of Heejy complex :

  1. Detection of cable breaks to the nearest equipment
  2. Power failure detection 
  3. Checking the temperature of the equipment. Detection of equipment overheating or overcooling. 
  4. Remote physical reboot of network equipment 
  5. Automatic notification of the Call Center and Technical Support (NOC) about all events with network equipment
  6. Automatic physical reboot of Heejy Client (if it froze you don`t need to go to restart it)
  7. Measuring the delay in the transmission of packets between network equipment. Display of minimum, average and maximum delay 
  8. Notifications about loss of packets when they are transferred 
  9. Variable packet sizes that pings network equipment 

How does Heejy differ from analogues?

  1. Standby power, the device works up to 5 hours without power supply 
  2. The presence of an absolutely independent communication channel with Heejy Client`s. Access to the complex regardless of the situation. 
  3. Has the ability to use as a whole complex of monitoring, which is scaled in line with the scale of the network 
  4. The complex is in active development, therefore the list of functions and possibilities will be supplemented  

Why does your company need Heejy? 

  • You do not have to send someone to reboot the frozen equipment - for you it's done by Heejy
  • You can find problematic internet lines, and fix them. Thus, improving the quality of your Internet network 
  • You will be able to find areas of your network where electricity is most often turned off, and ensure uninterrupted power supply in that place 
  • Your employees will have more time to complete the remaining duties 
  • There will not be situations where the network equipment does not respond, and its status is not known 
  • Call-center will receive notifications about the status of the equipment, so that your users will always be aware of the problems or changes in the network 
  • There will be a reduction in the costs of using other monitoring tools 
  • Total time and money saving. Because, your workers will not waste time diagnosing what can not be remotely diagnosed, will not go to physically check the status of the equipment. You will have timely information about problems in the network, and you will only have to solve the problem. And your users will be satisfied with your work and will advise you to acquaintances and friends, because in case of a problem, you know the answer before they call you 


The cost of the complex in the minimum configuration  -  500$. (3 x Heejy Client`s, 1 x Heejy Server, Software for working with Heejy Server). 

The cost of each additional Heejy Server or Heejy Client  - 150$

If you have a big order - contact us, and we will calculate the cost for you, taking into account the discount.

Interested? - Contact us!

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